AJ Raffles, The Gentleman Thief series by E.W. Hornung

Raffles and Bunny.

And then” “And then what?” “And then the end.”

[The Complete Works of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa] 1998 Iwanami Shoten, Publishers.  

 v.22 (Notebook 12 Spread 17)


岩波書店1998年『芥川龍之介全集』第22巻 手帳12 見開き17 より。



Yandere Trance featuring freaking Bunny Manders, because I have lost control of my life.

…Truthfully, I’ve thought about doing this for months, because

because you cannot tell me he isn’t


a little bit

Raffles, for the moment, was absolutely blinded; as I say, his face was streaming with blood and whiskey, and the prince of traitors already crowing over his vile handiwork. But that was only for a moment, too; the blackguard had been fool enough to turn his back on me; and, first jumping upon my chair, I sprang upon him like any leopard, and brought him down with my ten fingers in his neck, and such a crack on the parquet with his skull as left it a deadweight on my hands. I remember the rasping of his bristles as I disengaged my fingers and let the leaden head fall back; it fell sideways now, and if it had but looked less dead I believe I should have stamped the life out of the reptile on the spot.

I know that I rose exultant from my deed….



Re drew an old pic from a year or two ago.
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Even The Fate of Faustina, though?

Well okay, if I have to pick a least favourite, it’s The Fate of Faustina… but honestly, I don’t dislike it?

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I love how you basically said “all of them” this is what a true fan looks like e’reybody!

Y’know, usually with short story collections, there’s one or two stories you don’t really like BUT I JUST GENUINLY LIKE ALL THE RAFFLES STORIES.

Anonymous asked:
What is your favorite Raffles story?

Oh, oh, another cute Raffles anon! :D You ask such hard questions, anon! I’ve thought about this before, but I could never decide… But these are a few of my favourites…

My favs from The Amateur Cracksman:

  • The Ides of March (It’s the first one, so… come on! You gotta like the first one!)
  • Nine Points of the Law (Bunny stealing something on his own for the first time! I mean, he totally fucked up, but I was still so proud of him. Baby!)
  • The Gift of the Emperor (All my cries + super homoerotic = win/win situation)

My favs from The Black Mask:

  • No Sinecure (CRIES)
  • A Jubilee Present (Raffles being ridiculous)
  • To Catch a Thief (Love the concept of a rival gentleman thief! Also it’s so dramatic - I mean it ends with a rooftop fight in the middle of a thunder storm and Bunny is handcuffed to the railing and it’s so cheesy and I love it!)
  • The Wrong House (Raffles being a bloody idiot and Bunny saving his dumb ass)
  • The Knees of the Gods (Because I like having my heart broken. I HAVEN’T STOPPED CRYING YET)

My favs from A Thief in the Night: All of them. No, literally all of them. This book is my fav!

  • Out of Paradise (Raffles being a jerk! Voldemort! Homoeroticism!)
  • The Chest of Silver (I can’t decide if this crime is really clever or really stupid)
  • The Criminologists’ Club (Raffles being ridiculous again)
  • The Field of Phillipi (So cute and nostalgic!)
  • A Bad Night (Bunny Manders is an actual perfect human being, oh my gosh)
  • A Trap to Catch a Cracksman (More of Bunny being a perfect human being. What a brave little bun!)
  • The Spoils of Sacrilege (More perfect Bunny! Help, I love Bunny Manders!)
  • The Raffles Relics (Raffles stealing his own shit are you serious?!)
  • The Last Word (I’m just so glad Hornung wrote this story… There’s still sOMEONE WHO CARES I’M NOT CRYING IT’S BEEN RAINING ON MY FACE)

Wow, that’s… that’s over half the stories. Sorry, I’m not very good at narrowing things down…! O:

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So I decided to brush my bun…

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no, but you have to tell me who had the chastity belt??? Was it Bunny? I bet it was Bunny.

I remember absolutely nothing about this book! How on earth does a chastity belt even come into the picture? Like, what is the context?? I need to flip through it and see if I can find it because I don’t remember!