copic, prismacolor, and gel pens on “Rendr” paper (touched up digitally)

Been a while since I shared anything Raffles-y, so here are some Ham Common lakeside nerds~



Bunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out [boredpanda]

Previously: Bears Doing Human Things

You know those long detailed post you see sometimes about HOW TO MAKE COMICS? They’re very serious-minded and specific and all “These are the things you MUST think about and learn or you will never ever become a professional comic artist!”… and it’s just so funny, because I was a comic art student for two years and literally what we learnt was this:

  1. There are no rules. Just as long as the reading order is clear you can do whatever the heck you want.
  2. Cheat, as long as you can get away with it. Cheat your little cheating ass off.


the Christine Daae story

panthalassa3d replied to your post: I read this Raffles pastiche set in mo…

I’m tempted to ask the pastiche title so I’ll know to avoid it. This, on the other hand, is simply adorable :) (You know AJ’s sneaking sips when Bunny’s not looking.)

It’s called Raffles and the Match-Fixing Syndicate and should definitely be avoided at all costs. It has generally favourable reviews on Amazon and Goodreads but they were written by the author’s friends so don’t let that fool you (I’m not even joking). If you want more proof of how absolutely terrible it is, check out my liveblog of it.


copic, prismacolor, and gel pens on “Rendr” paper (touched up digitally)

Been a while since I shared anything Raffles-y, so here are some Ham Common lakeside nerds~

I made a separate account to use for liveblogging so I don’t have to spam everyone so much.

If anyone wants to see me suffer, I’m gonna liveblog that awful modern day raffles pastiche right now.

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This is a downright lie! Don’t you believe it for a second!

I had to buy a new black ink cartridge and the darn thing doesn’t quite stick to glossy paper (which I’ve never had a problem with before) and it’s so annoying and I have to go return it.

The worst part though is that I had already sent a sticker set printed with this cartridge before I noticed this. If you get a set where the dark parts smudge, please contact me and we’ll sort it out.

This only goes if you ordered after the 8th of August btw. If you ordered before that, you’re safe.



Okay guys, it’s sticker time! I promised you some stickers and here they are! There are two sets available: Raffles and Bunny.

One set costs $3

Both of them cost $5

Shipping is $1 for Sweden and $2 for everywhere else.

I accept payment through Paypal only! If anyone is interested, please send me a PM with your address and what you want and I’ll give you my paypal.

I will also include a postcard* to help stabilize the letter so the stickers won’t get knocked about too much.

* I wish I could send y’all cute rabbit themed cards but alas postcards are surprisingly expensive, so you’ll get random cards my mom has hoarded throughout the years instead.

Hallelujah our leader has created merchandise!! The Crime and Cricket Kingdom now has an economy. next, we trade with other nations and engage in deep sea exploration

(are these like a limited time thing?? because I totally want some but I probably can’t order them like, right now. maybe tomorrow. which isn’t that far away but STILL)

Since when am I the leader?! I’m not sure I want to be the leader of this bunch of misfits…

Also, to answer your question, the stickers will be available for as long as I’ve got sticker paper left! Which isn’t going to run out anytime soon, so no worries there.