Actual leaked promo picture from the upcoming Raffles super villain au movie:

Sir Catburgle & the Fluffy Lad

Sir Steal-A-Lot & Cotton Tail Boy

I was uploading a commission on deviantart which I did some time ago and had forgotten to upload. It included a crowd of super villains, and, well… I had forgotten that I drew this in there:

I am so done with myself.

(we need a super villain au)

Remember that dream I had that I told you about, where these punks made you cry? (mean ol’ punks) I can’t remember if I told you I drew a picture from it. Based on yesterday’s election, and the uncertainty of it all I’m sending you this hug. Pretend that the politicians are the punks… But I hope they don’t make you cry!  I hope that everything works out! 

So I got my 1915 Swedish edition of The Black Mask and it’s better than anything I could have ever imagined. They literally put Bunny Manders strangling a child on the cover! Only it looks more like he’s trying to rip his throat out. And Raffles is just standing there like… “Sweet”.

For comparison, this is my 1930 edition:

Maybe one day I will own a Swedish Raffles book that isn’t The Black Mask…





shutuplivie replied to your post: do you ever think about how you’re sli…

are you stinkin’ taller than me??? I thought you were tiny. The world has lied to me. (I’m 5’ 5 3/4”)

I’m 5’ 7.5”


who else is taller than me


Oh, me, me, I am taller than you! I’m 5’10”

Livie you are tiny.

why is everyone surprised??


Swedish people are tall

I might be little compared to you, oh Norse giant, but at least I can handle it when it’s 86° outside!

Hey, don’t joke about 86° - that’s like heatstroke weather! I could die!


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I was just getting on here to ask you how the election went! I’m glad it didn’t go as bad as it could have, and sorry it didn’t go as good as it should have!

Honestly, it went a lot worse than I expected. I was expecting the government change, but I also expected FI to get into partliament and SD to get less than 10% of the votes. :(

Also, even if we have a left wing goverment, we do not have a strong left wing majority in parliament.

I’m gonna try to explain Swedish politics a bit as simply as I can, but honestly, it gets a bit complicated. We’re not like the US where there’s these two huge parties battling each other.

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Terrible things about this election:

  • SD got 12,9% of the votes
  • SD is now the third biggest political party in Sweden
  • SD now has 49 seats in parliament (compared to 20 seats last election)
  • Feminist Initative only got 3,1% and thus did not make it into parliament (you need 4%)

Good things:

  • After 8 years of right wing rule, we are finally back to a left wing government
  • All other parties still refuse to work with SD and have stated that they will do everything they can not to give them any influence in parliament
  • When the landlord found out that SD in Malmö was holding their election night watch party on his premises he cut the power and they had to do the rest of their watch by candle light (which didn’t last for very long because then the landlord pulled the fire alarm on them) :D

All in all, a terrible election. We might have technically won, given we now have a left wing government, but the fact that a party based on nothing but xenophobia got 13% of the votes just makes it feel like a loss for everyone. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of being Swedish. ):


Ronald Colman in Raffles(1930)